Project Gallery

Our Machines

Just some pictures of our machines and great operators tackling jobs.

A Septic System Project

With the bad weather delays -.- we finally got nice weather and were able to put the new tank and eljin system in

Demolition job in Ottawa

Demolition job in Ottawa. Great job. Thank you to lion trade for the opportunity ! We look forward to the next one .

Tank Replacement

We have been busy this fall! We are enjoying keeping up with the pace, making our clients happy and completing jobs on time.

Basement Dig

Couple of basements were dug one in manotick and one in greely.

Septic Field and Tank Project

This job located on the river in manotick, and it needed some reverse psychology to work.

The colron team had to abandon the old septic field and tank , along with building the entire system backwards, putting the septic field in first, then installing the treatment unit and finally the septic tank last.

The shallow buried trench septic field was accompanied by a eco-flow treatment unit because of the lack of space, size of the house and of course to keep our rivers clean.

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